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🧙‍♂️What is Pensieve

A still from the movie "Harry Potter", where Hogwarts headmaster Dumbledore is using a Pensieve to show Harry Potter a memory.

Inspired by the magical tool from the Harry Potter series, Pensieve is your personal memory sifter in the realm of web research. 

It harnesses the power of AI to extract and organize key information from the vast expanse of the web, simplifying your information gathering and analysis process. 

With Pensieve, transform your learning and research experience, and elevate your productivity to new heights.

🏃‍♀️Boost Your Reading!

AI-Powered Content Summarization

Cut through clutter with Pensieve. Our Chrome extension simplifies complex articles into clear, concise summaries. Save time, enhance understanding.

Intuitive Inquiry with Dialogue System

Go beyond summarization with Pensieve. Ask specific questions or request further explanation directly from the webpage. It's like having a personal research assistant on demand.

Personalized Prompts for Effortless Learning (💪Coming Soon)

your own prompts to categorize and understand information in a way that suits your learning style. Tailor your learning, at your pace.

💻They're Using Pensieve


"Who needs a personal assistant when you have #Pensieve? Love how I can ask questions directly from a webpage. The ChatGPT technology really understands what I'm looking for. Data analysis has never been easier!"


”Just tried #Pensieve for my research project. The AI-powered summarization is a game changer! No more countless hours reading through dense articles. Thank you, Pensieve, you're my new study partner!”


”Using #Pensieve for my PhD thesis research. The personalized prompts are amazing! Now I can set my own categories and understand information my way. It's like having a custom-made research tool. Top-notch!”


”Learning on the web is so much more efficient with #Pensieve. The AI-powered Chrome extension provides clear summaries and answers all my queries on-page. It's the future of web learning!”


Pensieve is currently provided to users for free, and we do not have any plans to charge for the website's summarizing features. However, as we continue to enhance the functionality, we hope to bring more value to users and consider a pricing plan at that time. No service can be sustained solely by a free strategy, but we aim for Pensieve to be a tool that truly helps our target users and provides excellent value for their investment.

2. How does xxx ensure the security of my privacy?

We strictly protect users' privacy and data security in both technology and management aspects. Developers cannot access user information through the backend, and we have implemented data protection measures at the interface level.

Most importantly, Pensieve only analyzes the content of the current page when you click the Pensieve button in your browser. Therefore, data security is entirely under your control.

We use OpenAI's GPT interface to develop core functionalities, and your data is uploaded to OpenAI for inference calculations. Please click here to refer to OpenAI's privacy agreement.

3. Will Pensieve continue to be updated?

Our vision is to create a revolutionary knowledge management product for organizations and individuals. According to statistics, 60% of Evernote users and 45% of Notion users save web pages in their knowledge repositories, hoping to be able to retrieve information from these documents someday. However, most knowledge management products require users to design complex knowledge structures or add categories and tags to each document.

People shouldn't have to put effort into organizing documents that they may or may not use in the future. This is the problem we aim to solve.

In the future, we will add a bookmarking feature to the browser, allowing users to instantly save web page content to their knowledge repositories and extract valuable information through conversational interfaces when needed. It will be like the pensieve in Harry Potter, using 'magic' to find the information you need instead of forcing yourself to remember everything.